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Jerusalem U Blog

Focusing on Success: Jerusalem U's 2016 Highlights.

Reading our friends Facebook feeds, it seems that a lot of people have mixed feelings about 2016, but as you can see in the highlights below,  2016 has been a busy, productive and successful year for Jerusalem U.

Thanks to the support of our incredible friends and partners and our amazing team, we released new films, both long and short; we held hundreds of awesome events across North America; created new on-line courses that have already been seen by thousands of people; and in Israel hundreds of gap year students have attended our unique classes. In fact in 2016 we partnered with 562 organizations that used our materials and \

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Jerusalem U announces major new partnership with Jewish National Fund’s Boruchin Israel Education & Advocacy Center

December, 2016: Jerusalem:  In September this year, the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and its renowned JNF Boruchin Israel Education and Advocacy Center (Boruchin Center), announced new partnerships by awarding grants to Jerusalem U and other awardees. They join previous grant awardees to impact thousands of Jews and non-Jews across North America. 

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Gun Control: Jewish Thoughts on a Loaded Subject

The terrible events in Orlando over the weekend, and the horrific shooting attack in Tel Aviv a few days before that, have once again shocked America and the western world. Such incidents of terrorism on our own democratic soil invite profound soul-searching as to how we can prevent such evil from happening again. They have also brought the issue of gun control back into the headlines and presidential campaigns - there are those who would ban all guns, making it harder for terrorists, criminals  and homicidal nut jobs to get their hands on weapons, and there are those that believe ordinary citizens should have the right to bear arms, in order to defend themselves from the gun toting terrorists.

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One Person Made a Powerful Contribution to Holocaust Education By Telling Her Own Grandparent's Story



 B2247: A Granddaughter's Understanding 

Sara Greenberg was an undergrad with no film making experience, who made a Holocaust movie that has been seen by many thousands. It was her passion to share her grandparent's important and moving story of survival  that propelled her to fight her own fears and insecurities which had been holding her back.  

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