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Jerusalem U Blog

Meet The Clowns Changing How Syrian Refugees See Israel

A pair of Israeli medical clowns embody the best of Israel! Not only do they help kids in hospitals to laugh away their anxiety and be happy, but they comfort Syrian refugee children and their families who are receiving humanitarian assistance, all while breaking socio-political boundaries and stereotypes along the way.

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Israeli Uses Music to Bring People Together

Film Director Micah Smith is back on the street! His mission today is to meet Eran Zamir, an Israeli musician, composer, and Oud player who is all about cultural diversity, creating his own mashup music instruments, and unique Middle Eastern sound.

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Israeli Artist Creates Eye Makeup Looks You’ve Never Seen Before

Israeli makeup artist Tal Peleg creates eye makeup and body art worthy of Lady Gaga! Watch her transform her inspiration into eye art that features her cats, Beauty and the Beast, fairy tale princesses and even emojis.  Looks like body paint and makeup tutorials have joined forces in Israel! 

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The Making of "Chloé and Renny's Epic 24 Hrs in Israel"

At Jerusalem U we make all kinds of movies, from full length features to video shorts. It's what we're all about! And we like to think that after making several award-winning films we're good at it. But the exhausting schedule of "Chloé and Renny's Epic 24 Hours in Israel" presented a completely new challenge to our film team.

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Repairing The World - Israel's 60 years of Remarkable Humanitarian Efforts

Friday August 19th 2016 is the UN's World Humanitarian Day, established to pay tribute to aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service, and to mobilize people to advocate for a more humane world. This is a cause that Israel has shown, by half a century of incredible actions, that it strongly supports:

There are only 8 million Israelis, living in a tiny country ranking around 190th in land size, yet Israel leads the world in humanitarian efforts and disaster relief, often first on the ground when natural disasters strike.

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15 Awesome Things You Didn't Know About Israel

Most people know that The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth and that Israel is a world leader in hi-tech and medical innovation, but the surprises don't end there - read on!

1. Israel led the world by banning size Zero models before any other country.


2. More Israelis graduate from college than any other country (per capita).


3. Israel has more museums than anywhere else in the world.

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Top Ten Jewish Brands Owning Today's Global Marketplace

Just a bit of fun, and in no way a comprehensive list, but here's a list of a few chosen companies run by Members of the Tribe, and yes there quite a few food and beverage brands on the list... what can I say, we Jews like our food ! 

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Light My Fire - Lag BaOmer

Lag BaOmer (May 26, 2016) marks the anniversary of the passing of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai - mystic and author of the Zohar, the seminal kabbalistic work that illuminates the divine light within every soul. The Omer itself is a 50-day period between the second day of Passover and the festival of Shavuot, when we celebrate the day the Jewish people received the Torah at Mount Sinai.

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This Year's Top Israeli Contributions

We aren't called the StartUp Nation for nothing! One of Israel’s greatest sources of pride is the enormous number of inventions that come out of the country. Some of the most famous are the cell phone, drip irrigation, the cherry tomato,  electric car grids,  Disk-on-Key and many more.

Here are some other cool Israeli initiatives:

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Liel Our Son

It was a Friday afternoon; we were still living in Katamonim, a small neighborhood in Jerusalem. I was about to leave my apartment to pick up some groceries for Shabbat when suddenly I heard screaming. This was not any kind of screaming. This was piercing, terrifying, horrible screaming like something terrible was happening. I opened the door, as all the neighbors had, to find out what was happening. I saw that the door to my next door neighbor, the Gidonis, was open and that  the screaming was coming from there. The Gidonis were a nice traditional family of 4 boys ranging from ages 19 to about 30 that for the most part kept to themselves. I was quite friendly with the father and couldn't imagine what had gone wrong. 

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