This Year's Top Israeli Contributions

We aren't called the StartUp Nation for nothing! One of Israel’s greatest sources of pride is the enormous number of inventions that come out of the country. Some of the most famous are the cell phone, drip irrigation, the cherry tomato,  electric car grids,  Disk-on-Key and many more.

Here are some other cool Israeli initiatives:

1. Rebuilding Ethiopia.


Israeli firm, AlefBet, is to participate in Ethiopia’s initiative to build 2.4 million houses in five years.  The Ethiopian construction sector has grown more than 30% over the past two years.  AlefBet recently helped build a $150 million project in South Sudan.

2. The Worry-Free Mother

New mothers wake up an average of four times a night to check their babies are still breathing. The HiSense BabySense is a bluetooth app that places two sensors underneath the baby's mattress. The app alerts you if your baby stops moving for more than a few seconds. 

3. The Pocket Printer

If you thought you knew what printers are, think again. With a simple, sleek and robotic design, ZuTa Labs introduce the portable pocket printer. 

4. From WeWork to WeLive.

 Did you know that Adam Neumann, founder of WeWork, is Israeli? Six years ago he founded the company which provides shared office space for start-up type companies. Now worth $16 billion, WeWork is launching WeLive, an urban co-living community, based on the model of a kibbutz, where Neumann grew up.

5. The Portable Lounge Chair 

 Take it wherever you want - the beach, the pool, your living room, your office roof, you name it! LayBag has taken chilling to a whole new level.  

6. EarlySense. Live Longer. 

EarlySense continuously monitors heart rate, respiration and movement through a contact-free sensor under the patient's mattress. The system’s built-in tools include a range of reports on the patient's status, including fall alerts and bedsore prevention, which enables early preventative intevention. 


To learn more about what just how modern the tiny state of Israel has achieved so much in just 68 years, check out our award-winning movie Israel Inside:


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