Things People Say That Drive Jews Crazy !

Being Jewish carries it burdens - we have to deal with Jewish moms, wedding sized parties at 13, and decisions like which Birthright provider to use for our a free trip to if that isn't enough there's the stuff non-Jews say to us that make us cringe!!

Where do you even start to reply to these questions, (which don't usually come from a bad place).. we recommend a choking sound and then you should point excitedly and say "hey...look a bus!!".

baby_disgusted_gif.gif1. Were you born in Israel? 


jesus_wink.jpg2. So You Don't Believe in Jesus...but wasn't he a Jew?


pig_gif.gif3. If you eat pork will you go to hell?


pope_thumbs_up.jpg4. Do you have one of those little hats?


say_less_gif.gif5. Do you know [insert Jewish sounding name] from New York ? 


chrismukkah_gif.gif6. What do you do on Christmas?


taglit_birthright_satire_funny_gif.gif7. Can you get me on a Birthright trip?


hassidic_gif.gif8. You don't look Jewish ?

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