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Jerusalem U Blog

5 Reasons to Come to a Mekonen Film Launch Party


  1. You’ll meet the most Jewish person ever.

 In the film, you’ll be introduced to Mekonen’s father, who sacrificed everything he had to help fulfill the dream of immigrating to Israel. If Judaism means making difficult choices and inspiring others to fulfill a common cause, there is no greater role model for us to emulate.

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The Most Influentual Jews in History?

Yet again, a "water cooler" debate becomes a JU blog, because we want your input! Its an easy question...who do you think were the most influential Jews who ever lived?

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Sound The Shofar - Top Tips To Throw The Awesomest Jewish New Year Party!

Sound the shofar - the Jewish New Year is coming!  While much of the holiday is spent in the synagogue and around the family table, of COURSE you can’t let a New Year’s celebration pass by without a rocking party with friends!  You can hook it all up faster than you can say “Apples and Honey”.

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Apples on Rosh Hashana: Some Great Ways to Add Sweetness to Your New Year.

Most of us know about the custom of dipping an apple in honey on Rosh Hashana as a symbol for a sweet new year. We probably use apples rather than other fruits because of the verse above, and because they are available just about everywhere Jews have lived over the centuries, and they ripen around this time.

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Jewish Women Who Are Killin' it !

These ladies of the tribe are leaving the rest behind as leaders and role models in their professions. Some are household names, others you may not have heard of, but all are hugely influential people.

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English Words You Didn't Know Were Really Hebrew

Everyone knows English is a language cobbled together from French, German and Old English, but did you know that Hebrew has also played its part in the development of English? Here are some words you might not know have Hebrew roots:

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Repairing The World - Israel's 60 years of Remarkable Humanitarian Efforts

Friday August 19th 2016 is the UN's World Humanitarian Day, established to pay tribute to aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service, and to mobilize people to advocate for a more humane world. This is a cause that Israel has shown, by half a century of incredible actions, that it strongly supports:

There are only 8 million Israelis, living in a tiny country ranking around 190th in land size, yet Israel leads the world in humanitarian efforts and disaster relief, often first on the ground when natural disasters strike.

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15 Awesome Things You Didn't Know About Israel

Most people know that The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth and that Israel is a world leader in hi-tech and medical innovation, but the surprises don't end there - read on!

1. Israel led the world by banning size Zero models before any other country.


2. More Israelis graduate from college than any other country (per capita).


3. Israel has more museums than anywhere else in the world.

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Things People Say That Drive Jews Crazy !

Being Jewish carries it burdens - we have to deal with Jewish moms, wedding sized parties at 13, and decisions like which Birthright provider to use for our a free trip to Israel...as if that isn't enough there's the stuff non-Jews say to us that make us cringe!!

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Tisha B'Av - Why You Should Care

One of the most difficult, profound and ignored days on the Jewish calendar falls this Sunday - Tisha B'Av (the Ninth of the Jewish month of Av). Outside of the Orthodox ciommunity Tisha B'Av rarely gets a mention and I'd guess that for the majority of Jews, it will once again come and go almost unnoticed, which is really sad, because no other date in the Jewish calendar (other than perhaps Passover) has had such a profound impact on the Jewish people, one that is still felt to this day - you know the expression "whatever doesn't break us, makes us stronger"? Well that's Tisha B'Av.

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