The Most Influentual Jews in History?

Yet again, a "water cooler" debate becomes a JU blog, because we want your input! Its an easy question...who do you think were the most influential Jews who ever lived?

Its a question that spans 3,500 years of Jewish history, and our carefully selected experts in this field (people who were hanging around the JU Nespresso machine, some of whom even Whatsapped their moms). The results were bound to be controversial, so let us know what you think and feel free to ask your moms too!

In reverse order:


5. Albert Einstein,1870-1955, who's two most famous theories (Relativity and Special Relativity) changed the way we think of the universe, space and time forever.



4. Steven Spielberg, 1946 - ,  director of some of the most successful movies of all time, like Jaws, Indiana Jones (1thru 5), Schindler's List and ET.



3. Theodor Herzl, 1860-1904 writer & political activist who in his short life imagined a Jewish state, and founded the modern Zionist movement, which 44 years after his death would give birth to the State of Israel.



2. Jesus, 4 BCE - 30CE, A controversial selection, but however you regard him religiously & even historically, there's no denying that this was one Jewish dude who left his mark on the world.



1. Moses 1400 BCE - 1200BCE, One time prince of Egypt, who lived in exile as a shepherd until an encounter with a burning shrub turned him into the Jewish people's greatest leader and teacher, which changed the course of human history. 


Honorable Mentions:

These were not the only five names that came up - also debated were Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, David Ben Gurion, Anne Frank,  Sandy Koufax, Abraham and MANY more... it was a long discussion! 

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