Make a JU Year Resolution

At this time of year our Facebook timelines are full of our friends resolutions to lose weight, recycle more, focus more on class, etc, and I think we know that most of these resolutions will be epic failures, and they'll will sadly end 2017 a little heavier, surrounded by bubble wrap and plastic, with retakes on the horizon. So here are some totally workable ideas for a happy 'JU Year' for members of The Tribe! 

1. Warning: This one may not be compatible with standard "lose weight" new years resolutions.

Eat Jewish in 2017 - forget chicken soup and bagels, try some chulent (Shabbat stew), Kibbeh (mindblowingly delicious torpedo shaped meat dumplings from Morocco),  or maybe some shakshuka (Jewish eggs in purgatory & the perfect Israeli breakfast).



2. Start the year by watching JU's "Beneath The Helmet" - the film follows the training program of five Israelis who leave high school and become elite soldiers in the IDF. Not only is it a great film but unlike resolution 1 (above) you won't put on any weight (assuming you go easy on the munchies)!  



3. Want to get fit for 2017? Never mind yoga, or jogging in freezing winter weather, try some Jewish dancing! No skill required..none, nada, zip - basically we go round in circles.



4. If you've done the Jewish dancing (above), you will probably need some couch time, so here's another JU film idea - watch our newly released short documentary "Mekonen: Journey of an African Jew"  



 5. Become a knowledgable advocate for Israel in 2017 - take our Israel Inside / Out video course (and college students you could earn $100 doing this course -click here 

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Finally, all of us at JU want to wish you a Happy New Year - lets hope 2017 brings only good stuff for us all!!


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