Focusing on Success: Jerusalem U's 2016 Highlights.

Reading our friends Facebook feeds, it seems that a lot of people have mixed feelings about 2016, but as you can see in the highlights below,  2016 has been a busy, productive and successful year for Jerusalem U.

Thanks to the support of our incredible friends and partners and our amazing team, we released new films, both long and short; we held hundreds of awesome events across North America; created new on-line courses that have already been seen by thousands of people; and in Israel hundreds of gap year students have attended our unique classes. In fact in 2016 we partnered with 562 organizations that used our materials and \

And in 2017 we are looking forward to being even busier, writing the next exciting chapter in the Jewish story! We engaged with over 1 million people!

Thank you for being part of it!



624 film screening events, including 36 film festivals, 159 high schools, 86 campuses and 63 summer camps.

FilmsJU-Mekonen_withLogo.jpgReleased Mekonen: The Journey of an African Jew and reached nearly 22,000 people. Also launched seven high-profile Mekonen “Unity Tour” screening events at UCLA, NYU, Penn, Rutgers, Boston University, Chicago and at the GA that reached over 2000 Jewish students. 

hummus imaging new 2.jpgReleased Hummus! The Movie, which premiered at 48 international and Jewish film festivals.

carousel ad 4.pngBegan post-production of two new feature films, Sustainable Nation and Brothers For Life, to launch in 2017.



Short Films 

CHLOE JU POSTER - SQUARE.jpgForever: An Ode to the People of Israel,written and performed by Chloé Valdary, clocked up more than a million views within two months.


The Jewish Secret to Home Depot’s Success, featuring Co-Founder Bernie Marcus, seen by over 624,000 people.

rabbi sacks sq image-544795-edited.jpgWe released a short film containing some of Rabbi Sacks’s wisdom, in honor of him receiving the 2016 Templeton Prize. 



New Film Classes

  • Media 101: Reading Between the Lines, narrated by former TV anchor, Liz Wahl.
  • Narratives, which identifies key aspects of the Palestinian narrative.
  • Step Up On Campus, a series of animated videos to prepare students for campus life.
  • Learm more about these and other on-line classes  click here


Educating about Israel and Judaism

Teaching the Israel Gap Year course at 20 schoolsOver 1,700 college students took our online film courses - 81% of our grads say they are more proud to be Jewish.

500-gapyears.jpgWe educated over 500 gap year students in Israel at 20 partnering schools with 25 hours of Israel education and 85% of our students stated that they feel they have a comprehensive understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Launched Impact: Make Your Mark!We provided alumni outreach and support to more than 1,400 gap year alumni on 241 college campuses. 93% of alumni who responded to our online survey said that JU Israel motivated them to get involved in Israel activities on campus.


Exciting New Partnerships

We sincerely thank the JNF’s Boruchin Israel Education and Advocacy Center for its generous grant towards Jerusalem U’s Israel education programming. We look forward to expanding our partnership with JNF in the coming year.  [Click to read press release]

Image result for jltv logoJerusalem U has a one-hour show at prime time on Jewish Life TV (JLTV), attracting tens of thousands of viewers every week! [Click HERE]


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