5 Ideas to Help You Have a Meaningful Yom Hazikaron Experience.

From nightfall tonight in Israel, the country will be commemorating Yom Hazikaron - the annual Day of Remembrance for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism. For those of us in Israel, Yom Hazikaron is an intensely powerful, often emotional day. There are few Israeli families who have not in some way been touched by a soldier or victim of terror. Sadly, it is part of the national experience of being Israeli. For many of us living outside of Israel, it is more difficult to emotionally connect to this - there are no siren's or flags at half mast; People aren't sharing their  memories, and TV and radio isn't dedicated to Yom Hazikaron programming.

So we'd like to offer a few ideas we hope will to add something meaningful to your day and we'd love to hear your suggestions and feedback.

1. Light a 24 hr candle

I know its a simple one, but a simple flame in your home can be a powerful and beautiful memorial. candle_moving_gif.gifJewish memorial or yahrtzeit candles, that will burn for 24 hours, are easily found (you could also get a plug in memorial light if naked flames make you nervous). 





2. Watch Programming About Israel's History

Watching historical films like "Birth of a Nation" or "Six Days in June" (about the Six Day War)  or about the 1973 Yom Kippur War  really brings home what a major war in every generation has meant to Israel and the miracle of Israel's survival and success. 


3. Watch "Beneath The Helmet" (2014)

This is our own highly acclaimed documentary that gives a unique insight into Israeli life and the army's place in it. Beneath The Helmet is an intimate account of 5 young Israelis, fresh out of high school, as they go through 8 months of training in the IDF's parachute regiment. The filmmakers were granted unprecedented access to the soldiers and their families and were able to give a unique insight into what it means to be a young Israeli. You can watch it here.


4. Donate to a Charity Supporting IDF Soldiers

Charity isLt. Eden Adler, Beneath The Helmet. a very Jewish way to commemorate events - there are a number of organizations that support the IDF, or groups of soldiers, such as "Lone Soldiers" and a small donation can help bring you closer to the young people serving in the IDF.



5. Watch A Yom Hazikaron Ceremony Live

Nothing can get you closer to experiencing Yom Hazikaron in Israel (other than actually being there)  than  watching a Memorial day event  from Israel.  You can watch this live feed of a ceremony (in English) starting at Noon EDT on Sunday and including the evening memorial siren. 


We wish you a very meaningful Yom Hazikaron.


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