Israeli Uses Music to Bring People Together

Film Director Micah Smith is back on the street! His mission today is to meet Eran Zamir, an Israeli musician, composer, and Oud player who is all about cultural diversity, creating his own mashup music instruments, and unique Middle Eastern sound.

Director Micah Smith meets Israeli musician Eran Zamir

Over the last two episodes of the mini-documentary series "Have You Met?", Micah introduced us to an Israeli makeup artist who paints amazing designs on a crazy body part and a trendsetting Israeli chef who is setting the world of Jewish food on fire (literally).

This time, Micah is in Jaffa jamming with musical fusion master Eran Zamir.

Have You Met Eran Zamir? 

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His name is actually shockingly appropriate given that Zamir in Hebrew means “singer.”

I did not know that


Eran is all about Middle Eastern sound.

He’s a musician who's studied different kinds of music, specializing in traditional Arabic styles. He uses music to build bridges across the wide, diverse spectrum of Israeli culture. Mixing styles from various genres of new and old music, he creates an entirely new sound.

He's even created his own mashup instrument out of an electric guitar and a jumbush—a Turkish string instrument. 

Eran Zamir and some of his Oud and Guitar collection.


Eran is also all about diversity.

This cultural diversity seems to be his signature. He thrives on melding elements that appear to be opposites: His Jewish roots with his love for Arabic music and musical instruments. Combining electric guitar parts, a looper, pedals, and electronic music, with traditional Arabic instruments, Eran creates a new, unique take on Middle Eastern music.

This new mashup sound has gained quite a following, attracting people from all areas of Israeli culture to his performances—Jews, Arabs, city dwellers, and settlers alike.  He believes in the power of music to bring people together and to start conversations. Eran’s all about engaging different kinds of people in dialogue, regardless of their differing opinions. And in Israel, that's a big deal.

Suddenly, our interview got PERSONAL. After all this talk of cultural diversity, Eran started to talk about his own culture, and what it means to him to be Jewish.

Musician Eran Zamir discusses his Jewish and Israeli identity.


He says he’s a non-believer when it comes to religion, but you’d be surprised to hear what that really means to him. But we’re not going to tell you! To find out, you're going to have to watch the movie.


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