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Jerusalem U creates and distributes innovative and stimulating feature films and film-based educational programs with the goal of making young Jews feel proud of being Jewish and emotionally connected to Israel.

This Year's Top Israeli Contributions

We aren't called the StartUp Nation for nothing! One of Israel’s greatest sources of pride is the enormous number of inventions that come out of the country. Some of the most famous are the cell phone, drip irrigation, the cherry tomato,  electric car grids,  Disk-on-Key and many more.

Here are some other cool Israeli initiatives:

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Liel Our Son

It was a Friday afternoon; we were still living in Katamonim, a small neighborhood in Jerusalem. I was about to leave my apartment to pick up some groceries for Shabbat when suddenly I heard screaming. This was not any kind of screaming. This was piercing, terrifying, horrible screaming like something terrible was happening. I opened the door, as all the neighbors had, to find out what was happening. I saw that the door to my next door neighbor, the Gidonis, was open and that  the screaming was coming from there. The Gidonis were a nice traditional family of 4 boys ranging from ages 19 to about 30 that for the most part kept to themselves. I was quite friendly with the father and couldn't imagine what had gone wrong. 

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5 Ideas to Help You Have a Meaningful Yom Hazikaron Experience.

From nightfall tonight in Israel, the country will be commemorating Yom Hazikaron - the annual Day of Remembrance for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism. For those of us in Israel, Yom Hazikaron is an intensely powerful, often emotional day. There are few Israeli families who have not in some way been touched by a soldier or victim of terror. Sadly, it is part of the national experience of being Israeli. For many of us living outside of Israel, it is more difficult to emotionally connect to this - there are no siren's or flags at half mast; People aren't sharing their  memories, and TV and radio isn't dedicated to Yom Hazikaron programming.

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The Top 10 Most Impactful Holocaust Films

April 24th 2017 is Yom HaShoah, when Israel together with Jews around the world, remembers the Holocaust - the coldest and most systematic genocide in human history. There will be lots of ceremonies across Israel,as well as the powerful memorial siren on Monday morning, during which the entire country comes to a halt, but for most of us it will be a regular day - we'll have school, work, papers due and reports to write. So what can people outside of Israel do to take something meaningful from this day?

Because here at Jerusalem U we are a team of educators and filmmakers, we think that watching a Holocaust themed movie can be a powerful way to appreciate the horrors that the Jews of Europe went through. 

There are a lot of films and documentaries about what happened, so we asked the Jerusalem U staff which movies inspired and moved them and that they'd recommend people watch on Yom Hashoah.

Here is what they came up with:

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One Person Made a Powerful Contribution to Holocaust Education By Telling Her Own Grandparent's Story



 B2247: A Granddaughter's Understanding 

Sara Greenberg was an undergrad with no film making experience, who made a Holocaust movie that has been seen by many thousands. It was her passion to share her grandparent's important and moving story of survival  that propelled her to fight her own fears and insecurities which had been holding her back.  

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7 Things You Never Knew About Passover From Around The World

Sit at any Passover Seder, and you'll find they're fairly similar, but the style and flavor can be incredibly different! Check out these amazing and wonderful Passover variations and customs.


Passover is a day shorter! Yes in Israel you can eat bread after 7 days & not 8 like the rest of the world!



It’s still called the ‘Spring Festival’ even though it’s during the Fall season south of the Equator … isn’t that ironic? Struggles of the southern hemisphere!

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You're Wearing a Mask Right Now & You Don't Even know it !

Is Purim the Jewish Halloween? Sure, we dress up in costumes on both days - perhaps there are a few more princesses, and a few less vampires amongst the kids on Purim, but otherwise they look a lot alike. There is a major difference however:

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Speaking up and Stepping up for Israel

Just as students head back to college for the fall semester, yet another report shows the increase in anti-Israel activity and anti-Semitism at U.S. universities: during the last academic year alone, there were 1,630 anti-Israel incidents on 181 campuses, and a 132 percent surge in Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaigns against Israel compared to the previous year.

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Israel's Gaza Operation “Protective Edge” - The Facts

In response to the biased UNHRC commission report on the Gaza conflict, here are some facts that shed light on the unprecedented measures Israel took to avoid civilian casualties.


  • On July 8, 2014, Israel launched Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip. This operation was in response to a dramatic escalation where hundreds of missiles were fired by Hamas and other terrorist groups into towns and cities across Israel, putting over 70% of the country’s civilian population in missile range.
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International Criminal Court Threatens Israel - UK Colonel Stands Up in Defense

Almost 2 years after the end of Israel's mission to defend residents of the south from terrorist missile bombardments from Gaza, Israel is being pressured by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to participate in a probe into Palestinian accusations that Israel committed war crimes during Operation Protective Edge.

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