7 Things You Never Knew About Passover From Around The World

Sit at any Passover Seder, and you'll find they're fairly similar, but the style and flavor can be incredibly different! Check out these amazing and wonderful Passover variations and customs.


Passover is a day shorter! Yes in Israel you can eat bread after 7 days & not 8 like the rest of the world!

Mary Berry just loves Passover



It’s still called the ‘Spring Festival’ even though it’s during the Fall season south of the Equator … isn’t that ironic? Struggles of the southern hemisphere!




Exodus became a reality when Israel secretly airlifted the Jews of Ethiopia to Israel  after they walked through a desert (like their biblical ancestors) to get to the waiting planes! We made a film about the journey of one Ethiopian Israeli - check out Mekonen: Journey of an African Jew

Ethiopian Jews on their way to a new life in Israel.



Not your traditional seder! Instead of serving matzoh ball soup, brisket or chopped liver, Jews in India prefer Ellegal (spice-rubbed fish in cool herb salsa), Molagachi (mahogany chicken with black pepper), Appam (coconut crepes with date sauce) and Masalachi (mutton braised with garlic and coriander).

Making Matzo in India.



The World's biggest Passover Seder is held in Kathmandu at the foot of Mt. Everest. Bet you wouldn’t have guessed that! The "Seder on Top of the World" is conducted by the Chabad house in Nepal & attended by Jews from around the world.

The world's largest seder in Nepal.



Cross in the sea in your own living room! On the seventh day of Passover, Polish Jews re-enact the crossing of Red sea in their living rooms. Don’t try this at home folks.

Netanyahu and Obama crunching Matzo together.



The Jewish block party! Moroccan Jews throw down the best party ever. Mimouna is celebrated on the day after Passover. Originated in Fez, Morocco, Mimouna is the best excuse to go house to house and eat everyone’s food, especially the wheat/flour products which we have been craving the past 8 days.



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