5 Reasons to Come to a Mekonen Film Launch Party


  1. You’ll meet the most Jewish person ever.

 In the film, you’ll be introduced to Mekonen’s father, who sacrificed everything he had to help fulfill the dream of immigrating to Israel. If Judaism means making difficult choices and inspiring others to fulfill a common cause, there is no greater role model for us to emulate.

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  1. You’ll learn this awesome Ethiopian dance and be all the rage at the next party


  1. Speaking of party, Café Shachor Chazak will be playing at the event.

One of Israel’s most popular bands, this hip-hop duo created the viral hit “Yihye B’seder”, which took Israel (and visitng birthright trips) by storm. 


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  1. You’ll learn helpful life skillz, like herding sheep… 


… plowing fields...

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… and braving it in the wild.


  1. You’ll never look at Judaism the same way.

This film will expand your understanding of what it means to be Jewish – breaking geographical, racial, and identity boundaries. It will show what it means to give your all for the sake of a mission, and it can teach you how resilience and a vision can overcome even the most challenging circumstances. 



Did you read this list, or just skim it? Here’s the trailer that pretty much sums it all up. 



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