15 Awesome Things You Didn't Know About Israel

Most people know that The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth and that Israel is a world leader in hi-tech and medical innovation, but the surprises don't end there - read on!

1. Israel led the world by banning size Zero models before any other country.



2. More Israelis graduate from college than any other country (per capita).



3. Israel has more museums than anywhere else in the world.



4. Israel is the only country to revive an unspoken language, making Hebrew one of its two national languages (the other official language is Arabic).


5. Only 10 countries (plus the European Union & USSR) have launched satellites into orbit -  Israel is one of them.



6. You might not know it from the quantity of media stories, but Israel is a tiny country.

It ranks 153rd  for land mass, only ahead of places like Vanuatu, Fiji, Malta, etc. It takes only 6 hours to drive from top to bottom. And to drive Israel's width, from the Mediterranean coast to the Dead Sea, can be driven in just 90 minutes!

Map comparing size of Israel with the United States.


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7. 60% of Israel is desert.

The Negev Desert was rated as the 2nd best region in the world to visit by Lonely Planet in 2013.



8. Tel Aviv has the most sushi restaurants of any city, other than Tokyo and New York! 



9. Scientist Magazine voted The Weizmann Institute of Science the best university in the world for life science study.



10. Israel was the only country in the world to start the 21st century with more trees than it started the 20th century.



11. Israelis eat more fresh fruit and vegetables per capita than any other people in the world!



12. Life expectancy in Israel is the 8th highest in the world at 82.5 years. (The US comes just 31st).



13. Israeli cows are milkier than any other cows in the world - producing nearly twice the yield of European cows.



14. Cherry tomatoes were first cultivated in Israel.



15. Starbucks succeeded in every country in the world...except for Israel.

The company gave up on Israel in 2003, even though Israelis love their coffee and are famous for their Tel Aviv cafe culture. They just seem to prefer local chains like Aroma and Cafe Hillel.



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