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Re’eh: Choosing to See

I sign a lot of petitions online. Yesterday, I signed a petition – again – to demand the release of the 200-plus kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, amidst the latest reports that they are now being sold into slavery for 12 bucks each. The premise is…


The Purpose of Israel (Parshat Mattot)

The Purpose of Israel (Parshat Mattot) By Hanna Perlberger “Purpose” and “Vision”. These are two distinct concepts, yet they are often confused. To live a life of purpose, you have to know what your purpose is, what your mission statement is. Your purpose is your core foundation, your reason for being, why you were created.


Pinchas Revisited: The Two Faces of Peace

Monday night, my 16 year-old daughter embarked on a 5-week program to Israel, a trip that we have planned for, anticipated and envisioned since her Bat Mitzvah. Complying with the “1 Piece Of Luggage Weighing 50 lbs. Rule”, we prioritized, took things out and added them back in, trying to get the “right”.


Finding Meaning & Mystery: Parshat Chukat

Forty-two is the number of stops we had during our 40 years in the desert, some stops lasting a few days, and some for years. It is said that each of us also has 42 stops in the journey of our own lives. After my Bat Mitzvah, and obligatory party feted by champagne and my father’s […]