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The Making of "Chloé and Renny's Epic 24 Hrs in Israel"

At Jerusalem U we make all kinds of movies, from full length features to video shorts. It's what we're all about! And we like to think that after making several award-winning films we're good at it. But the exhausting schedule of "Chloé and Renny's Epic 24 Hours in Israel" presented a completely new challenge to our film team.

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Focusing on Success: Jerusalem U's 2016 Highlights.

Reading our friends Facebook feeds, it seems that a lot of people have mixed feelings about 2016, but as you can see in the highlights below,  2016 has been a busy, productive and successful year for Jerusalem U.

Thanks to the support of our incredible friends and partners and our amazing team, we released new films, both long and short; we held hundreds of awesome events across North America; created new on-line courses that have already been seen by thousands of people; and in Israel hundreds of gap year students have attended our unique classes. In fact in 2016 we partnered with 562 organizations that used our materials and \

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Make a JU Year Resolution

At this time of year our Facebook timelines are full of our friends resolutions to lose weight, recycle more, focus more on class, etc, and I think we know that most of these resolutions will be epic failures, and they'll will sadly end 2017 a little heavier, surrounded by bubble wrap and plastic, with retakes on the horizon. So here are some totally workable ideas for a happy 'JU Year' for members of The Tribe! 

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Jerusalem U announces major new partnership with Jewish National Fund’s Boruchin Israel Education & Advocacy Center

December, 2016: Jerusalem:  In September this year, the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and its renowned JNF Boruchin Israel Education and Advocacy Center (Boruchin Center), announced new partnerships by awarding grants to Jerusalem U and other awardees. They join previous grant awardees to impact thousands of Jews and non-Jews across North America. 

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Hanukka - 8 Crazy Facts for 8 Crazy Nights

Hanukka is arguably the most popular and best known of Jewish festivals. 

You probably know what it's all about: the Maccabees miraculously beat the Greeks and the thing with the day's worth of oil that burned for eight days... throw in some doughnuts and dreidles and yada yada you have Hannukah... or Chanuka, Hanukah, Hanukka...ok, however you spell it, here are a few crazy Festival of Lights facts that will make you a hit at any candle lighting: 

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The Magnitude of Israel's Fires by The Numbers (21 photos)



Over 630 fires have blazed through Israel since last Tuesday (November 22nd) 


Many were smaller fires, but several were giant blazes which struck at the heart of residential areas. This NASA satellite image shows smoke billowing from Haifa in the North and in Jerusalem region, the areas hardest-hit by the fires.

You Can Help Israel Recover! - Donate to the JNF

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5 Reasons to Come to a Mekonen Film Launch Party


  1. You’ll meet the most Jewish person ever.

 In the film, you’ll be introduced to Mekonen’s father, who sacrificed everything he had to help fulfill the dream of immigrating to Israel. If Judaism means making difficult choices and inspiring others to fulfill a common cause, there is no greater role model for us to emulate.

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The Most Influentual Jews in History?

Yet again, a "water cooler" debate becomes a JU blog, because we want your input! Its an easy question...who do you think were the most influential Jews who ever lived?

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Sound The Shofar - Top Tips To Throw The Awesomest Jewish New Year Party!

Sound the shofar - the Jewish New Year is coming!  While much of the holiday is spent in the synagogue and around the family table, of COURSE you can’t let a New Year’s celebration pass by without a rocking party with friends!  You can hook it all up faster than you can say “Apples and Honey”.

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Apples on Rosh Hashana: Some Great Ways to Add Sweetness to Your New Year.

Most of us know about the custom of dipping an apple in honey on Rosh Hashana as a symbol for a sweet new year. We probably use apples rather than other fruits because of the verse above, and because they are available just about everywhere Jews have lived over the centuries, and they ripen around this time.

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