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A Year Since Gaza

It's been a year since I fought in operation Protective Edge in Gaza. Things have changed a lot for me since then for a number of reasons, but I think the biggest one is because I lost several friends and my commander during the fighting.

During the months right after the war, I was an active duty soldier. I didn't have time to think about anything because I was too busy with the responsibilities of being a commander.

But as a civilian, things are different. Now I have time to think. Thoughts and memories come to me all the time. Not a day goes by that I don't look back and remember.

It hits me at different times, when I’m having a beer, eating an ice cream or walking down the street. What would my friends be doing if they were alive? What would my commander say if he saw me now?

I remember the day my commander, Dolev Keidar, and my friends, Yoav and Nadav, died. It all seemed surreal. The fact that they were dead didn’t really penetrate, even though I saw their bodies and saw the TV coverage and the pictures.

My Personal Experience With Campus Anti-Semitism... in Israel

 Since coming back from my speaking tour in the United States, I’ve spent my time speaking at programs here in Israel. I showed Beneath the Helmet to many year-abroad programs in the Technion, Hebrew University, IDC and Bar Ilan, among others.

Overall, it was a positive experience. The students were very interested in the movie and gave positive feedback. They wanted to understand my personal story and how serving as a combat soldier and grappling with complex issues here affects my life.

Beneath the Helmet Israel

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Ethiopian Immigrant Becomes IDF Officer: What We Can All Learn From Mekonen

Mekonen graduates from officer’s school this week.

For those of you who know his story, this is truly amazing. Mekonen emigrated from Ethiopia with his family when he was 12 years old, and his father died hours before they boarded the plane.

He spoke only broken Hebrew when he enlisted, and during his basic training he nearly dropped out of the army because of financial difficulties he and his family were experiencing. As documented in Beneath the Helmet, we were able to raise the funds to help him pay back his debts and stay in the army.

Beneath the Helmet

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How 60 Former IDF Soldiers Discovered Jewish Unity

(Group picture of the male soldiers)

I just got back from a one week trip to the United States. I learned a lot, enjoyed it a ton, and really grew from the experience.

Connecting Jewish Campers to Israel Through the Power of Storytelling

This past Monday, I was privileged to speak with several hundred shlichim – Jewish Agency volunteers – who are about to fly to the States to be counselors at Jewish summer camps across America.

Reflections of a Paratrooper on Jerusalem Day

Today is Jerusalem Day. Forty-eight years ago the IDF reunited Jerusalem under Israeli rule after being divided for 19 years following Israel’s War of Independence.

I had visited Jerusalem before I joined the army, but its importance only became clear to me when I become a soldier.

Around 30% of soldiers have never been to Jerusalem in their life, and the army does a great job connecting them to the city. It exposes them to the history, culture, and religious significance of this city through tours, weekend retreats, and ceremonies.


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International Criminal Court Threatens Israel - UK Colonel Stands Up in Defense

Almost 2 years after the end of Israel's mission to defend residents of the south from terrorist missile bombardments from Gaza, Israel is being pressured by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to participate in a probe into Palestinian accusations that Israel committed war crimes during Operation Protective Edge.


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Ayaan Hirsi Ali: BDS is Really Bully, Deceive & Sabotage

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a world-renowned human rights activist and best selling author, is voicing her own wake-up call about the growing trend of anti-Semitism on U.S. campuses. "The more we pretend that anti-Semitism is somewhere far away, the more hopeless and powerless we feel," she cautioned.

Ethiopian Jews Are Our Brothers

A series of violent protests by Ethiopian Israelis has the country buzzing over a shocking video of police abuse of an Ethiopian IDF soldier.  In the closed-circuit footage, a policeman and police volunteer beating up an Israeli soldier of Ethiopian descent in Tel Aviv."

Israel Inside Israel

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Tikun Olam - Repair The World

This short clip looks at how the modern state of Israel reflects the ancient Jewish concept of "Tikun Olam" (repairing the world).

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