Mekonen’s Story: The Global Dream to Belong


7 Things You Never Knew About Passover From Around The World


Passover, Slavery and the World Cup

The main part of the Passover Seder isn’t bitter herbs or cups of wine, it is called "Maggid" -  the telling of the story of the end of Jewish slavery in Egypt and we’re not just supposed to read a few details or historical facts, we are supposed to go into great detail - the Haggadah tells us that the more that we dwell on our historical experience of being slaves in Egypt, the more praiseworthy we are. But it happened 4000 years ago! What value today is there for us in 2016 in an ancient tale of enslavement and freedom?

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You're Wearing a Mask Right Now & You Don't Even know it !

Is Purim the Jewish Halloween? Sure, we dress up in costumes on both days - perhaps there are a few more princesses, and a few less vampires amongst the kids on Purim, but otherwise they look a lot alike. There is a major difference however:

Occupation Lies and Legal Arguments

One of the biggest problems that the free world has to deal with today is related to the sacred concept of “Freedom of Speech”. This concept is a very important one; it provides many benefits to the societies that adhere it it. When people are free to exchange information, eventually the truth is identified and the correct course of action is taken. Unfortunately, this freedom is simultaneously trampled on and taken advantage of by wicked groups and even by governments around the world who have self-serving and evil intentions. 

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US vs. Israeli Campus Life

Hey guys, how ya been?

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Starting School

Hey guys, I’ve been away for a while – things have been hectic.


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Speaking up and Stepping up for Israel

Just as students head back to college for the fall semester, yet another report shows the increase in anti-Israel activity and anti-Semitism at U.S. universities: during the last academic year alone, there were 1,630 anti-Israel incidents on 181 campuses, and a 132 percent surge in Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaigns against Israel compared to the previous year.

Beneath the Helmet Israel Army IDF

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Return to The IDF: My Experience As A Reserve Officer, & Meeting My Men...and They're All Older Than Me ! 

I finished my first stint in the IDF reserves about a week ago.   It was good to be back in uniform, serving my country again.   Israel relies on a large force of reserve soldiers to augment our standing army - after our three mandatory years of army service, Israeli citizens can be called up at any time for training and at time of war of course.

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Reflections on Reserve Duty

I’m attending my first reserve duty call-up this week.

Most Israelis who complete their army service return to the military for three to four weeks a year to maintain their combat readiness and to supplement the IDF’s defensive presence throughout Israel.

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